Politics and Media


Nowadays, we are completely relying on the mass media to give us all the information, so we can process it, and then decide what is good and what is wrong, for whom should we vote for and for whom we shouldn’t, etc. So, basically, the mass media can manipulate us into thinking something, even though it does not actually have to be the truth. So, in order to properly know for whom we should vote, and what is actually going on in our politics, we need to look beyond the mass media. And here are some of the ways to do so.

MediaNetworks02First of all, we know that all of us love watching those media networks whose stands match our own. However, even though it is normal, it can only give us one side of the truth, while the other one is completely left out. So, sometimes, we should look at what the other side is saying, because that is the only way for us to see the while picture. It may not be pleasant, and you may hear stuff you don’t like there, but at least you’ll have heard both sides and you will be able to make the right decision and based on everything you’ve heard and seen, you’ll be able to make your own judgment, rather than taking someone else’s word.

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Another thing we can do is to look at some underground media networks, and see what they are reporting. Some of the mass media are unable to report every single story, due to the fact that some of them involve their sponsors. And if they accuse their sponsors, they lose their funding, so they just have to skip that story. But, there are a lot of underground media that will report it, because they do it just for the sake of good reporting, and not for the money. You can find them easily nowadays, with all the internet and other modern means of communication.


YouTube-logo-full_colorYouTube has also become a media outlet in a way, because it publishes thousands and thousands of video clips every day. Some of those clips come straight from the war zones, and you may see there something that your mass media doesn’t want to show you. This will make you start questioning them, which is good, because you should question every single thing you hear on the news. That is the only way you can see the truth, and differentiate fact from fiction.

And the last thing you need to know is that there are some media that are involved with the politicians. You should never trust those media networks, because you know that they are going to be completely one-sided. Or, you can watch news there, and then watch news on the network that has a completely opposite stance, and then meet in the middle.

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You just need to know that today, there is a thin line between the truth and fiction in the mass media, and you need to know how to cross it; how to get from a lie to the truth!